Hello and Welcome to my Blog

I am new to the Blogging world, but wanted to share my story.  I will be adding more posts as I can.  Feel free to leave comments and or suggestions anytime.

Update (Oct 2015) :

total loss approx 194 lbs (I only weigh once a month now so some variances month to month but relatively steady). In a maintain mode and trying to tone 😄

Update (Sept 2014) :

I have now lost 188 pounds in less than 16 months and am now able to live life in full view and participation instead of hiding in the shadows.

I am by NO MEANS an expert in weight loss, just because I lost some weight.  Find what works for YOU and stick with it — for me it has been Ideal Shape Products (Meal replacement shakes, bars, etc.)  Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page for coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.

Here is the story of my Journey : Weight Loss “Journey” of a Lifetime

Please see some before and after photos below.  Still working on #MyIdeal.  I have figured out that what I view as My Ideal seems to change as my weight has decreased.

Before Pictures :

Before Picture 5  Before Picture 6  Before Picture 2     

New pictures ( as of Sept 2015) :



New Pictures (as of September 18th 2014):


After Pictures (as of July 9th 2014) :

After Photo 1.1Parasailing1 editedKelly & Bea 3Here we go Parasailing editedKelly


31 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to my Blog

    • So sweet. Thank you!!! The reason I started this blog was in hopes of reaching a lot of people so they know IT IS POSSIBLE to loose weight. No matter how much ( or little ) one wants/needs to loose. 😄👏


    • Yes promote away. That is the reason for me creating this blog. Hoping it touches someone else who know they need to change but THINK they can’t. I want them to see my story and find something they can relate to and change the “I am doomed to be fat” to “if she can WHY not ME!” So thank you. Spread the word!! I will be posting more I depth thoughts (from before – during – my journey – there is no after for it is a Journey of a Lifetime!!!!) I know it will not be easy but needs to be done. For me and perhaps to help someone else!


  1. Kelly, you have been such an inspiration to so many people; including myself!! I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of your accomplishment. Your determination and drive through your journey has been unbelieveable. I envy you! You look beautiful and I know you feel beautiful and I am proud to have been able to watch your transformation from start to finish. I love you and again am so proud of you………..you are my inspiration to get back in shape and make my life better….. hey.. I’m working on 60 !! LOL
    Your friend always, Debbie Breazeale

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  2. I hope you don’t mind me swearing but HOLY SHIT!! You are such an inspiration, well done on your journey thus far! Such a great tale. Looking forward to reading some more. Oh, by the way thanks for the follow on my blog. You are awesome!


  3. thank you and God for having your post show up just at a really bad time in my journey. I’ve been struggling with the same weight roller coaster since Jan 1st. It is getting so frustrating and i’m physically not able to do any exercises other than the few steps i take each day. I’ve got 4 types of arthritis and weigh right now at 374.4 and i am down about 50 lbs since last June. I started with nutrisystem and that sucked (excuse my language). I want to choke Marie Osmond for promoting it. LOL But anyway i did drop 10 lbs with it but it was awful. I was told about Shakeology and then a Physical therapist told me about Ideal shake and i started right before Christmas. I ended up in the hospital with CHF and really severe fluid retention. Dropped a few lbs with IV fluid meds. Came home and had the holidays and didn’t do bad at all. Went back to Ideal shake and i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I’m trying so hard to get the right dinner in and the right amount of water in me and i have to elevate the legs a lot so it’s hard to move anyway so it’s just a miserable journey right now. So this morning when i got on facebook and saw your post it lifted me up a little bit. I want to be healthy and see my grandkids that we are raising make it to college. So for today i’m on track and making a list of healthy add ins for my shakes and some good healthy dinners. Thanks again for being around for us. I will try to read your blog as often as possible. I have a question……Does the water that we drink after the shake have to be just plain water or can it be flavored water such as Clear America with no sodium or anything else? I will check back to see what you say. Have a wonderful day


  4. Kelly,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t often leave comments so hopefully you can share your thoughts with me. I’m thinking of using IdealShape to lose weight and have a few questions. Which flavors do you like best? Do you add fruits/vegs to your shakes? Did you ever get tired/bored with the shakes, if so, how did you work through that phase? Any insight would be appreciated!

    Thanks so much, Michele


    • Idealshape worked for me. It was a tool that I used that actually suppressed my appetite- which was key for me. Lifestyle change is the key! Yes I add frozen fruit like blueberries and strawberries. Never got tired. For me it was an easy way to keep my food intake in check and so yummy. I had a lot to loose so that was my motivation for staying on track. Hope this helps


  5. To Whom It May Concern:

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    Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.


    – Barb


    • Yes I live in East TN. When I lost the weight they didn’t have meal plans so I just replaced breakfast and lunch with shakes – threw in some healthy snacks and ate a sensible diner. Ideal shape gave me a life worth living. I couldn’t be more greatful


  6. Hello,

    I was just told by my doctor if I don’t lose weight I will have a heart attack. My liver is not function the correct way and now my arteries are blocking. I’m scared and have tried ways to lose weight but didn’t have the motivation to lose. I see part of your story and I did order a sample pack to help choose what will be best. I appreciate you sharing your story and I pray that with your story I can change my life. Thank you and God Bless!! Lorena


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