188 Lbs Lost “Changed Myself so that I Could Participate in life…” — My Weight Loss Video

In September I went to Park City Utah for the Ship Shape Challenge weekend.  This is where the monthly winners took a bunch of photos and made a video.  Gotta keep this entry short …. so hope you all enjoy.  The Ideal Shape Team was awesome through the entire process.  I never was big into getting my photo taken and videos of myself was a never….so this was actually really hard.  Again my hope is that my Journey inspires others.  If I can do it…anyone can!!!!

  188 Lbs Lost “Changed Myself so that I Could Participate in life…”


Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page for coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.



Delayed. Renewed. Refocused.

I just started to follow your blog. I have been using Ideal Shape with great success. Great product. Amazing support!! Check out my blog for details.
Living Life Weight Loss Story | Over 185 pound weight loss – now living life in full view and participation instead of hiding in the shadows


I have not been keeping up with much of anything. Once again, stress got the better of me. At least I can say I have not gained weight in the time I was not trying to loose, thankfully. Nonetheless, I have not lost anything either.

Luckily, my schedule has evened out and my life is calming down (ironically, at the same time as most peoples lives are exploding with holiday stress).

What better time than NOW, to start again on my journey to a better, thinner , and overall healthier me?

I ordered these shakes and bars – Ideal Shape .

The shakes aren’t bad, and so far they have kept me full (just got them about three days ago). I have yet to try the bars but plan to today! Has anyone else ever tried Ideal Shape? If do, did it work for you?

I went out on a limb…

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