Stats from before to now …

Cool couple of Stats (I am an accountant after all and you would think I would like all Numbers – but prior to Ideal Shape I NEVER wanted to see my health numbers – scale, Blood Pressure, BMI – but now – wow ) – hoping the HTML Table I created works below – if not will post in a reply a different way.

Dec 2012 Dec 2013 Dec 2014
Scale 355 255 165
Waist Circumference 55 41 35
Body Mass Index 57 40.6 25.7
Blood Pressure 175/95 132/74 108/60

WOW — so not only do I feel better – clearly healthier too and all my Cholesterol readings (most were in the red in Dec 2013 are now in range and in the GREEN)

So Ideal Shape not only helps a person lose weight – but it is proven a HEALTHY weight loss by looking at my numbers – Can I get an AMEN!!!

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First Race – 10K – Thanksgiving 2014

So I decided a great way to start my Thanksgiving this year was to complete a 10K.  One reason was so I could enjoy the Thanksgiving Feast – And I did – I tried all the items including casseroles (except dips and desserts) and it was good.
2_Selfie - Before Start

Selfie before the start … I am # 2498 – The 10K bibs were Yellow and the 5K bibs were white

So to recap….Thursday morning came early – I needed to be at race site before 7 am. So the alarm was set at 5 am.
My Son got up with me (at 5:30 am) and my husband meet us there after getting off work at 7 am.  They were such a great support.  They took pictures for me and cheered me on each lap and at the finish line.
It was COLD == 35 degrees at race start and cloudy (thank goodness the snow/rain held off ) YES I am a Southerner and that is COLD to me (and my nose).
After I signed up for the race on Tuesday I got NERVOUS.  I just learned there was a time limit of One Hour and 30 Minutes for the 10K.  I thought – can I do this – I know I can, but am I pushing too hard with a time limit of 1.5 hrs and knowing how cold it would be.  A week before I had run some in the cold and it is much harder – my chest gets heavy and my nose runs faster than I do – lol.
One of my biggest concerns (DON’T LAUGH) was “what about bathroom breaks”.  When I have run that distance (10K = 6.217 miles) I have used my iPhone App to give me the time/distance and I knew I averaged between 13:30 per Mile and 14:00 per mile – but my iPhone app has an auto pause feature so when I stop to use the restroom this time is NOT counted.  I was really stressed about the time limit in the first place, so what could I do to NOT have to go to the bathroom while running (which I always seem to have to do).  (anyone who knows me well – knows I goggled what to do lol before my first race…and yes their are talks on the bathroom issues – so I was not alone)
First – NO COFFEE — I put a full pack of Ideal Boost in about 6 oz water – I needed the boost but not all the liquid – lol — Also took some GNC Energy and Metabolism pills – figured I would need all the caffeine since I was not drinking a cup of coffee. Well it worked – I visited the restroom before the race started and after the first lap (5k distance) I felt I could go to the bathroom – but pressed on and was able to finish the race!!!
Okay so on to the race — It was a corral start (meaning you are to start in the line (both 5k and 10k runners all at same start line) based on your average mile per hour).  Last sign was 12 + miles – so to the end of the line I went.
1_Selfie - Before Start

Selfie of me at the end of the LINE

There were A LOT of people.  2,203 total racers (1,576 for the 5K and 627 for the 10k).  The people ahead of me start walking and finally reached the START line (about 3 minutes behind the start of the race) — that is when I start weaving in and out to try to get to my pace.  Remember I have 1.5 hr time limit and knew I needed to start jogging right from the start.
I was able to weave my way through the vast crowd and find a good jogging pace.  I knew I could not jog the entire race (as I have always jogged a little and walked and then repeat).  Oh and I do not jog at a fast pace,  but I jogged more than normal (because of the 1.5 hr time limit and my fear that I would have to go to the restroom).  I looked up at one point and saw my Husband and Son cheering me on and taking pictures – that put a smile on my face (at this point I had made it almost 3 miles – almost half way).

3_First Lap (2)    4_First Lap (3)  5_First Lap (4)

When I turned the corner the 5K races were to stay left and the 10k racers continued on to complete the next lap. At one point, before I started the race, I thought, that if I needed to I could stop at the 5K distance – if I felt like I couldn’t finish or couldn’t finish in the time limit – but, I decided I could do it and off to the RIGHT I stayed.  And there was Mike and David again – cheering me on – at this point I asked David (okay mouthed as I was not stopping – time was too precious lol)   “what time – what time” – I am not sure what he said but I think it was like 8:10 which means I had 50 minutes to complete the race and I was sure that I was going to be able to do it. Since I at this point had 3.1 miles to go).

10_Finish Line (I made It)     12_Finished

Also I was not last at this point and as I continued I could look to my left and see some 5K ers had not made the final turn yet.  At some point I realized I not only will finish within the 1.5 hr time limit but I will not be last (as I thought I would be).
On the last leg just before my final turn there was Mike and David once again cheering me on.  Such a great feeling.

6_Final Lap

The last 1/4 mile I picked up the pace (for me almost a sprint – lol).

7_Finish Line Approach

Up ahead the FINISH LINE and Mike and David!!!!  Arms in the air – I DID IT — I FINISHED – I was not last!!!!

8_Finish Line   9_Finish Line (2)   11_Finish Line - Whew I am tired

Full race details can be found here (there is a link in this page to all participants finish times etc)

Click here for My Race Results

Not the best time in the world clearly – but I was happy (and yes my NOSE ran faster than me)


I have to say before I found a way to loose weight – this would not only have not happened but wouldn’t have even been a thought!!!  Who would have thought 2 years ago I would have found a way to loose 188 lbs without surgery and be excited about participating in a 10K — wow…
Ideal Shape was the tool I used and what a tool it is = for me living life is exciting and fun!  I am so very thankful I found Ideal Shape!!!!

Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page in this blog for a coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.