The Daily Times published an article today about my Journey

     In today’s paper an article was written about my weight loss journey and I thought I would share. The Maryville Daily Times, Melanie Tucker, did an amazing job with my story.  I am thankful and hopeful that this article may inspire someone else and give hope that weight loss is achievable.

Again I want to thank Ideal Shape for being the tool for me to be able to accomplish, what was once only a dream.  I am now living life and loving it!  The great people in the Ideal Shape organization are amazing.  Yes it is a job, but they take a personal interest in helping others achieve their Ideal Shape – they truly are first class and changing lives.

For a link to the full article :

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Voting is over – THANK YOU

Voting is over and the results are in – thanks to those who voted for me I placed in the top 3.  On Feb 3rd Ideal Shape will announce the grand prize winner.

Top 3

You can still view the videos on YouTube as well as here



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Okay – I am asking for your vote! The most votes wins a cruise!!!
As you all know, I have been on a weight loss journey and lost 193 (now) using #Idealshape meal replacement products as my tool. They picked me as a monthly winner in 2014 where we were all flown to Utah to film our stories.
Now it is in YOUR hands to vote. I won’t lie – I really would LOVE to win a cruise as this is just another example of something I could not do when I weighed 355 pounds.
Thanks in advance. You can vote once every 24 hours so please vote for me. I would so appreciate it!!!

Go to this link

And please vote. Voting goes for the next two weeks. A gain thanks so much for your constant support
(I must say all the contestants are amazing people with amazing stories – so vote for me but if another story touches your heart then by all means vote for them) good luck to all the 2014 Ship Shape Challenge winners!

Notice that every time you vote you will be entered for a chance to win a 1 year supply if Idealshape absolutely FREE. So please VOTE!!