10%  Discount Code off Ideal Shape Products!!! 

I wanted to be sure to post this. I can now share this code on FB and other social media – feel free to share as well

Goal : I want others intersted in this product to not have a financial reason for not trying or continuing. Ideal Shape is such am amazing company they are allowing me to give this code out to others!  I make no money off Ideal shape –  I just think they have an amazing product that tastes good and WORKS – I lost 188 lbs in 16 months – and am now living life and loving it!  I have now lost 194 lbs and kept it off – Journey began May 27th, 2013 thru today as it is a lifetime journey 🙂


Where : http://www.idealshape.com

Works even on their sales and packages!!!!


For anyone who was using the 20% discount code – it has now expired. Hate that but at least here is a 10% code.  It was great while it lasted. And again I make no money off ideal shape – just love how it works for me!


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