Pictures of some foods I eat

Mostly pictures of diners I make at home.

Usually I have chicken or fish – lots of veggies and sometimes small starch serving (depends on how much starch I have or plan to eat later (ie late night skinny pop/trail mixture)

snacks –

this is a picture of what I take to work just about everyday

mixed trail mix (1/8-1/4 cup 140 cal (per 1/4) trail mix I get at fresh market. Add in some Kind Health granola. Pretzels and sometimes skinny pop – when I was losing I kept this snack at 250 cal per Baggie but now maintaining and exercising more so I increased to around 400 cal)


And then for afternoon or lunch ( sometimes I shake or bar for lunch – sometimes for snack – so the next snack or lunch is the offset 😄


Now instead of the stick cheese seen above I actually now go with a slice of velveta cheese (35 cal 😄)

snack/after diner

this next picture – when I was loosing was always my evening snack (now since I am eating more calories I tend to more trail mix blend 😁😱)


Oh oh and I have mentioned Skinny Pop (unfortunately my new addiction but hey I am still maintaining so no judging. Lol)


Other snacks not pictured I eat:

Teriyaki Jerky ; apple ; half a banana ; CHEWING GUM (ok not a snack but good for no calorie chewing needs – lol)


the one below is pan seared salmon (that fish was large – I usually give at least a 3rd to my son who gladly accepts in addition to his own much larger piece (oh to burn the calories he does at football) – I also have broccoli and onion and a few sweet potato chips pictured below


Fish again (looks like salmon again) with broccoli and carrots (looks like I am saving my carbs for later 😁😁)


Looks like seared trout and some shrimp below with my go to broccoli and onions and a side of mashed sweet potato


Chicken time (this is really what I eat probably 6x a week – usually fish is Sunday nights) below is a grilled chicken with broccoli,onion looks like some brussel sprouts in there too 😄, a small serving of rice (usually do uncle bens long grain and wild – but below is Minute rice (will add pic as it is a lower calorie rice😄) and I also cut up a few tommy toe tomatoes (for color 😄)


Similar to above (this is the minute rice and I added some soy sauce 😁)



Taco night

for my son I make him tacos (3 hard shell and 2 soft) or lately he wants 2 chicken/cheese quesadillas and – cheese quesadilla (for Lindsey M. –  yep I take a bite and count it too lol)

for me I put mine in a large salad

lettuce; tomatoes ; (hot: grilled chicken (seasoned with dry taco seasoning then cut and and in taco seasoning with water for juicy yumminess) ; onions/mushroom/ peppers(I like red-yellow-orange) these are sautéed (Pam) then I add the taco seasoning I mix with water). Put chicken and veggies on salad then add a little shredded velveta cheese (lower cal 😄) – salsa (for a dressing) and either have 1-2 Corn hard shells (less calorie again) or some salad tortilla strips – then after it is Pretty I make it ugly and stir all together – lol.



So that about does it – I have some variation of what is above for diner just about every night

Eating Out?

yep I sure do but never fast food for me – I always have a to go snack packed just in case or my boost for those emergency times lol – did I mention I LOVE Ideal Boost!

as far as eating diner out

this is getting easier and easier as a lot of restaurants have calories listed – then I stay in my 500-700 zone. If not I go with a petite sirloin (tell then no butter on it or cooked in / around it lol) and side is salad and broccoli (of course for me no dressing – I use sometimes just salt and pepper or a splash of balsamic vinegar if no oil in it or if Olive Garden I ask for no dressing and extra pepercornes and use them as the liquid dressing (the juice inside) or May ask for salsa

well i hope this was helpful. Have a blessed day

don’t forget to check out Ideal Shape and if interested click Here for a 10% discount code 😄


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