Little things I have CELEBRATED Along the Way

These are the things I have celebrated along my “Journey” — Some who read this will be like REALLY and other’s will COMPLETELY understand……

UPDATED on 7/23/2015

  • Not getting out of breath just walking in the mall 🙂
  • NOT needing to ask for a Seat Belt extender when flying 🙂
  • Being able to cross my legs when I sit in a chair
  • Being able to Tie my Shoe by leaning over instead of having to prop my foot up on a chair 🙂
  • Being able to SHOP for clothes at a Mall versus always ONLINE 🙂
  • PARASAILING — YIPPIEEEEE — SO MUCH FUN — before this was impossible due to weight restrictions.

Here we go Parasailing edited

  • Small Zip Line — oh and Alpine Slide and Alpine Roller Coaster (compliments of Ideal Shape)
  • Go on a Banana Boat Ride at the Beach – Too cool by the way 🙂
  • Jog/walked 5 miles in less than 1 hour — Yipee
    Hiking – in the Mountains — so much fun – great way to enjoy your exercise
    • Sitting at a BOOTH instead of a table at the restaurant – It was so frustrating to always go to a restaurant and say “Table not a booth please” because I was too big to fit in a booth and be able to actually eat
    • ROLLER COASTERCheck – I went back to the same coaster SEVERAL years earlier I waited in line (almost 2 hrs)  only to be too FAT to ride and had to exit since I could not secure the bar over my lap – But in Decemeber 2014 – that same Roller Coaster and I went for a RIDE –  I felt like a kid in a candy store
    • Mowing the Lawn – yes a celebration – I could mow before – it was just too much effort and too tiring so I didnt mow – but now I love it – I call it Exercise with a Purpose – lol
    • All the adventures I did on the Cruise

        • Snorkeling

        • Rock Wall Climbing

        • Swim with Dolphins

        • Swim with Sting Rays
        • Climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica
        • Run up 8 flights of stairs to get passports – lol

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