Cruise was A-Mazing — thanks again Ideal Shape and Voters!!!

Janet and I had an amazing time on the cruise.  Sorry it has taken me so long to post about our adventures.  First off, going on a cruise is something I NEVER would have attempted to do at my previous size. Yes I could have as I did see people bigger – but why would you want to when you really can’t participate in anything if you are so big – so I never would have.  But thanks to Ideal Shape – losing 193 pounds – I am living Life and loving it.  This is a prime time example of things I did that I NEVER would have been able to do.  (Kicker was the fact that I won the cruise via the Ideal Ship Shape Challenge – so that was so amazing and awesome all rolled into one.)

So here are the details… Freedom of the Seas – Royal Carribbean Cruise

Arrival Day (Day 1) :

We flew from Knoxville to Orlando (Delta) – then took the bus to Port Canaveral.

This was our first view of this massive ship

First Site of Cruise Ship - Copy Made it to Port Canaveral

So now we go through the check in process – relatively smooth.  As we are waiting for our room to be ready we see a Dolphin

Dolphin as we set sail - Copy

Before we set sail their was a mandatory SAFETY MEETING on deck 4 (I think it was deck 4).  I just had to take a quick picture even though they had just announced no electronics during the safety meeting (but my phone was already focusing on the shot so I took it – quick like)

Pre Cruise Safety Meeting

So now we are just trying to settle in – unpack and then EXPLORE this huge ship.  It was so pretty and very large…

Ideal Boost – CHECK !

Boost CHECK - now I can leave - Copy

Oh I packed – Ideal Shape bars, Mocha Shake and Boost for my Cruise – I used the shakes and bars for a quick and healthy breakfast and the Boost throughout the day 🙂

Full Sail Day (Day 2):

In anticipation of not getting a lot of exercise in on a day we were going to lay out, I got up and got my jog in before Janet awoke (4.5 miles). And then had me a Mocha Ideal Shape Shake for breakfast.

Time for Breakfast

Since I figured we would be taking lots of pictures later in the cruise – I really didnt take any the first day.  We just layed out in the sun on the top deck (Deck 12) and enjoyed our drink package (lol).

Labadee, Haiti (Day 3): 

This is a private island (section of Haiti) that Royal Carribbean leases out – it was so pretty as you can see from the pictures below.  First we explored the island.  Then found a spot on the beach and just layed around.  Then we had the Cruise Buffet on island (salad and jerk chicken for me 🙂 ).  On this island our drink package worked – so we also enjoyed a few adult beverages – but the only frozen drink they had was called the Labadoozy – and it was GOOOOOODDDDDDD — (okay just letting everyone know  – usually I eat my calories and not drink them BUT this week was an exception)

Janet - Labadee, Haiti - Copy   Digital Camera

Digital Camera   Digital Camera

Digital Camera   Digital Camera Digital Camera   Digital CameraDigital Camera

Returning to ship after a fun day in the sun :

Janet - Labadee, Haiti 2 - Copy   Kelly Labadee, Haiti - Copy                                       Labadee, Haiti (2) - Copy

Such a beautiful place Labadee was…got back on ship – ate dinner – walked around promenade (pictures later) and then called it an evening – tomorrow will be a busy day..

Jamacia (Day 4):

This day was perfect.  Started a little rough because we had to be on land for excursion at 1030 am and we ported late (1015) and then I heard (as we were waiting in line to port) you must have passports or photo ID along with SeaPass – So I ran up 8 flights of stairs to get ours and raced back down.  I was a nervous wreck because of all excursions I had planned – this was the one we wanted the most.  All good – we arrived in plenty of time – whewwww.

First part of Excursion : Swim with Dolphins

First in Dolphin Cove we tasted Jamacian Booze – wow it was powerful – lol – then we walked through a bird aquarium (?) and then saw a Shark Show – funny…


Now we are about to SWIM WITH THE DOLHINS – This was so awesome – I can not really put in words so I will add the video we purchased and you will see why this was so amazing.

Dolphin KissDolphin Swim

That was really so much fun…hope you enjoyed watching the video.  This is a two part excursion – next up – Hiking up the Dunn’s River Falls

Second part of Excursion : Dunn’s River Falls

Okay this place is BEAUTIFUL.  At first we were told to hold hands (like a human chain) and well this did not work for me – or anyone else for that matter – people in front pulling – and people behind needing to be pulled – lol — so thankfully we were able to unchain — whew now it was enjoyable.  Very busy and crowded – Our guide was super nice and basically showed us the best way up the Falls.

Again a video of this adventure is attached below along with some pictures 🙂

Dunns River Falls Photo  Climbing the Falls - Dunns River

Janet haing fun on slide    Dunns River Water Slide lol


Dunns River Falls Photo   Dunns River Falls Personality Photo

Climbing the Falls - Dunns River

Video – I am having an issue with getting it onto YouTube – I will have to try to later…

After the Falls we took the bus back to the Port area…and we see goats on the side of the road…lol

Then we had about 30 minutes before we had to board and we did a little shopping – I bought a Hat and a shirt for David and Janet bought a hat and stuff for her daughter’s.

Now we board and well – it is time to go up to Deck 12 and visit the bartenders 🙂  😮

Boost in Jamaica - Yah Man - Copy

Jamacia was my FAVORITE port – would have loved to spend another day here….

Grand Cayman Island (Day 5):

First impression – besides the crystal blue water – this reminded me of a US beach resort – like Myrtle – very commercialized.

Okay this is a Port where the Big Freedom of the Seas has to anchor and boats (called Tender) were sent to ship and taken to land – not a big fan of this as it takes a lot of time.

Tender Boat - Cayman Islands    Tender to Cayman

Then we arrived on land and our excusion did not start for 3.5 hours – so we decided to go explore.  We took a taxi to a local resort beach and walked up and down the coast line – super pretty.

Janet - Cayman Island

Then we decided to walk back to port area – only about 2 miles – it was hot – but I enjoyed the walk.  Then we needed to get something quick to eat before the Swim with the Stingrays excursion – but I had a hard time finding something healthy – corn dogs and Fried Chicken sandwich pockets – ain’t gonna happen – BUT we saw a bar and I saw katchup and thought – maybe they have food – and yes they did.  We had only 15 minutes before we were suppose to be in line for the excursion…and I got a grilled chicken sandwhich with a salad as the side and Janet got a hot dog.  The Chicken sandwich and salad was amazing – but I had to eat it in a hurry (oh and I opted to only have a bite of the bun).  So now that we have scarfed down lunch we get in line for the next excursion…

Swiming with the Sting Rays Excursion in Cayman Islands:

The most sureal thing is being in the middle of the ocean and standing in waist deep water and the water is as blue as it could be.  I played with the sting rays and then hopped onto the boat so I could take a few pictures and a quick video –

Boat to Sting Rays

Boat to Sting Ray Island (as they called it)

Janet with Sting Ray - Copy Janet - with Sting Rays - Copy


See the bright water - where some boats are - this is where we were - no land can be seen - so surreal to be standing waste deep in middle of Ocean

See the bright water – where some boats are – this is where we were – you can barely make out the land on the hoizon – so surreal to be standing waist deep in the middle of Ocean

Now we return to the port area and do a little more shopping – or that was the plan – but because of the Tender boats there were REALLY long lines – but luckily we ran into some friends we met on board the ship (they also went on the Dolphin adventure with us) and they let us cut in line – whew….so on board the ship we went – and yes I went to the 12th floor for my evening beverage or two – who’s counting – before diner 🙂

Oh my tomorrow will be the last port day – this has really gone by quick

Cozumel, Mexico (Day 6):

So the good news is we have an early excursion so that will leave the rest of the port time to SHOP in Cozumel – an adventure all of its own.

Three Reef Snorkle Excurion :

So we get on yet another boat and head out to go snorkeling – I will say the water is SOOO salty – you could feel it sticking to your body.  This was an amazing experience as well and yet another example of something I would not/could not have done before loosing the weight I lost.  The main reason – not because of the swimming, as to be honest most people float in this salt water anyway and I used to have a lots of floats (lol), but it the getting in and out of the boat – that would have not been possible – I promise – I couldnt use the ladder in my pool to pull myself out — anyway here are some pictures of the snorkeling excursion.

Kelly Snorkel 2 Kelly Snorkel 3 Kelly Snorkel 4 Snorkel 4 Snorkel 5

After this excusion we went to the ship to shower (salt water) and eat luch then we headed back to Cozumel to go shopping.  Shopping was fun – we took a taxi to the end of the shopping area and walked back to port area.  We would go in a shop and they would want $75 for a blanket – but we would get it for $20 — You never paid what they wanted – if they didnt agree with your price – just walk out.  Example – at one place I saw a SeaHawks blanket (my Son loves the Sea Hawks) and they wanted $75 for it.  I said no I will pay $20 – they said $50 – I said no $20 – they said $30 best they could do – I walked out and the lady was hollering at me saying ok ok $20 I will take $$20 – Janet was still with her and she said the lady couldnt understand why I left and Janet said – “You made her mad” – the lady then said tell her I will take $15 – LOL — no I did not go back to get it – we found a better blanket at another shop and paid the $20 lol

I bought several items and did not spend much money – funny thing is so many of the stores were like – “Here have some Tequilla” I was like – no I drink on ship not in port – lol — I guess they figure if they got you drink you would spend more money???

Kelly Cozumel - Copy Janet - Cozumel - Copy

Anyway that was fun haggling in Mexico.  So now we board the ship and tomorrow (our last day) is a full sail day back to USA.

Full Sail Day (Day 7):

Another lazy day hanging out at the pool and enjoying the beverage package 🙂

Boost on Board - mixed nicely :)

Boost on Board – mixed nicely 🙂

Boost at Bar

Boost at Bar

Deck 12

Deck 12

Janet with my 2 Fav Bartenders

Janet with my 2 Fav Bartenders

Kelly Laying out - Copy Janet on ship (2) - Copy

Stuff I did on Board :

Surfing  – too Cool – wish I had not waited to last day – but to be honest was worried I might hurt myself so waited to last day

Kelly on Surf Simulator on ship - Copy

Rock Climbing Wall – this was lots of fun – I did this on two different days.

Kelly Climbing Rock Wall

Kelly Climbing Rock Wall

Kelly Repelling Down

Kelly Repelling Down

Kelly Climbing Rock Wall Again

Kelly Climbing Rock Wall Again

Ice Show – pictures were really dark – sorry – amazing talent – ice skating show while ship is moving = talent

So Fun watching this Ice Show

So Fun watching this Ice Show

This lady was skating and jumping and everything with this hoop that hung from the top - wow

This lady was skating and jumping and everything with this hoop that hung from the top – wow

They changed often

They changed often



We also went to Carrieoke a couple of times and had big laughs.  Walked through Casino – but never gambled – huh surpised me — There were so many things to do – one could not possibly do it all.  I will leave with some parting photos.  Again I had a blast – Thanks again IDEAL SHAPE!!!!


Visitor in our Room

Visitor in our Room

Janet being Janet

Janet being Janet

Janet before Porting

Janet before Porting

Janet - Formal Diner Night

Janet – Formal Diner Night

Janet at Michael Klor - On Ship

Janet at Michael Klor – On Ship

Friends we made on board

Friends we made on board

Janet - Promenade

Janet – Promenade

Another Room Visitor

Another Room Visitor

Janet on ship

Janet on ship

Janet - Leaving Jamaican Port

Janet – Leaving Jamaican Port



Janet on ship

Janet on ship

Cows on ship

Cows on ship

Boost in Jamaica - Yah Man

Boost in Jamaica – Yah Man

Deck 11 - Movie screen and Pool

Deck 11 – Movie screen and Pool

On way to Snorkel

On way to Snorkel



Leaving Jamaica - Waiving to Bea

Leaving Jamaica – Waiving to Bea

First Day on Room Balcony

First Day on Room Balcony


Pre Cuise Nails

IMG_2861 IMG_2844 IMG_2824


Helping me get balanced

Helping me get balanced

On my Own

On my Own

Deck 12

Deck 12

Kid's Pool Area

Kid’s Pool Area

Basketball Ball Court

Basketball Ball Court

One of many Hot tubs - and a view of Deck 12 above

One of many Hot tubs – and a view of Deck 12 above

Hot tub on Deck 11 - Live music on stage

Hot tub on Deck 11 – Live music on stage

Deck 11 - Deck 12

Deck 11 – Deck 12

Saw a Pirate ship in Cozumel

Saw a Pirate ship in Cozumel





On our way to Swim with Sting Rays

On our way to Swim with Sting Rays

Me acting goofy

Me acting goofy

Live Statue in Cozumel

Live Statue in Cozumel

Janet with my 2 Fav Bartenders

Janet with my 2 Fav Bartenders

Rock Wall Climbing

Rock Wall Climbing

Ideal Shape!!!!

Ideal Shape!!!!

IMG_2864 IMG_2862



Resounding THANK YOU!!!!

You - the faithful Voters - Got me another adventure - A 7 Day Caribbean Cruise - THANK YOU

You – the faithful Voters – Got me another adventure – A 7 Day Caribbean Cruise – THANK YOU

HOW can I possible thank you all.  I am surprised – shocked – excited – overwhelmed.  You did it.  Your daily commitment to voting and sharing the voting link allowed me to be picked the Grand Prize Winner of a 7 day Caribbean Cruise. 

A Cruise is most definitely one of those things that I used to think – “that would be neat” but knew I could not go on a cruise due to my size.  I quickly would dismiss the notion of a cruise as I could not imagine the small rooms etc.  Since I am the type of person who is aware of others, I used to kind of make sure I did not put myself in places that had a lot of people – as I knew I really took up the space of two people when I was 355 pounds.

All that changed and now I am going on a Cruise – so surreal.  I am beyond excited.

To the other Finalists – Kim and Kelli – you are both beautiful and have an amazing story to share with the world.

SSC Winners

To the other Ship Shape Challenge Winners – that’s right – WINNERS – I only have happy thoughts when I think of you all.  Amazing group of people and I am so lucky to have been put on this path so that we would all be able to meet and spend time together in Utah – courtesy of Ideal Shape!  We have formed a bond and friendship through our Journeys that intersected in Utah!!!


Here is a link to their amazing stories – Transformations for each one!  Please if you have time go check out their amazing stories and video’s @

I can never say enough about Ideal Shape – The “tool” that literally GAVE ME LIFE.  I am doing all the things I could only dream of ….. so awesome.

Now I can add taking a Cruise to my many adventures (zip linning, parasailing, banana boat, roller coaster, hiking)! I am LIVING LIFE and LOVING IT!!!

 Do you want a chance to win a cruise — TAKE THE CHALLENGE — Click HERE ===>

Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page for coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.

The Daily Times published an article today about my Journey

     In today’s paper an article was written about my weight loss journey and I thought I would share. The Maryville Daily Times, Melanie Tucker, did an amazing job with my story.  I am thankful and hopeful that this article may inspire someone else and give hope that weight loss is achievable.

Again I want to thank Ideal Shape for being the tool for me to be able to accomplish, what was once only a dream.  I am now living life and loving it!  The great people in the Ideal Shape organization are amazing.  Yes it is a job, but they take a personal interest in helping others achieve their Ideal Shape – they truly are first class and changing lives.

For a link to the full article :

photo 2

photo 3

Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page for coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.

First Race – 10K – Thanksgiving 2014

So I decided a great way to start my Thanksgiving this year was to complete a 10K.  One reason was so I could enjoy the Thanksgiving Feast – And I did – I tried all the items including casseroles (except dips and desserts) and it was good.
2_Selfie - Before Start

Selfie before the start … I am # 2498 – The 10K bibs were Yellow and the 5K bibs were white

So to recap….Thursday morning came early – I needed to be at race site before 7 am. So the alarm was set at 5 am.
My Son got up with me (at 5:30 am) and my husband meet us there after getting off work at 7 am.  They were such a great support.  They took pictures for me and cheered me on each lap and at the finish line.
It was COLD == 35 degrees at race start and cloudy (thank goodness the snow/rain held off ) YES I am a Southerner and that is COLD to me (and my nose).
After I signed up for the race on Tuesday I got NERVOUS.  I just learned there was a time limit of One Hour and 30 Minutes for the 10K.  I thought – can I do this – I know I can, but am I pushing too hard with a time limit of 1.5 hrs and knowing how cold it would be.  A week before I had run some in the cold and it is much harder – my chest gets heavy and my nose runs faster than I do – lol.
One of my biggest concerns (DON’T LAUGH) was “what about bathroom breaks”.  When I have run that distance (10K = 6.217 miles) I have used my iPhone App to give me the time/distance and I knew I averaged between 13:30 per Mile and 14:00 per mile – but my iPhone app has an auto pause feature so when I stop to use the restroom this time is NOT counted.  I was really stressed about the time limit in the first place, so what could I do to NOT have to go to the bathroom while running (which I always seem to have to do).  (anyone who knows me well – knows I goggled what to do lol before my first race…and yes their are talks on the bathroom issues – so I was not alone)
First – NO COFFEE — I put a full pack of Ideal Boost in about 6 oz water – I needed the boost but not all the liquid – lol — Also took some GNC Energy and Metabolism pills – figured I would need all the caffeine since I was not drinking a cup of coffee. Well it worked – I visited the restroom before the race started and after the first lap (5k distance) I felt I could go to the bathroom – but pressed on and was able to finish the race!!!
Okay so on to the race — It was a corral start (meaning you are to start in the line (both 5k and 10k runners all at same start line) based on your average mile per hour).  Last sign was 12 + miles – so to the end of the line I went.
1_Selfie - Before Start

Selfie of me at the end of the LINE

There were A LOT of people.  2,203 total racers (1,576 for the 5K and 627 for the 10k).  The people ahead of me start walking and finally reached the START line (about 3 minutes behind the start of the race) — that is when I start weaving in and out to try to get to my pace.  Remember I have 1.5 hr time limit and knew I needed to start jogging right from the start.
I was able to weave my way through the vast crowd and find a good jogging pace.  I knew I could not jog the entire race (as I have always jogged a little and walked and then repeat).  Oh and I do not jog at a fast pace,  but I jogged more than normal (because of the 1.5 hr time limit and my fear that I would have to go to the restroom).  I looked up at one point and saw my Husband and Son cheering me on and taking pictures – that put a smile on my face (at this point I had made it almost 3 miles – almost half way).

3_First Lap (2)    4_First Lap (3)  5_First Lap (4)

When I turned the corner the 5K races were to stay left and the 10k racers continued on to complete the next lap. At one point, before I started the race, I thought, that if I needed to I could stop at the 5K distance – if I felt like I couldn’t finish or couldn’t finish in the time limit – but, I decided I could do it and off to the RIGHT I stayed.  And there was Mike and David again – cheering me on – at this point I asked David (okay mouthed as I was not stopping – time was too precious lol)   “what time – what time” – I am not sure what he said but I think it was like 8:10 which means I had 50 minutes to complete the race and I was sure that I was going to be able to do it. Since I at this point had 3.1 miles to go).

10_Finish Line (I made It)     12_Finished

Also I was not last at this point and as I continued I could look to my left and see some 5K ers had not made the final turn yet.  At some point I realized I not only will finish within the 1.5 hr time limit but I will not be last (as I thought I would be).
On the last leg just before my final turn there was Mike and David once again cheering me on.  Such a great feeling.

6_Final Lap

The last 1/4 mile I picked up the pace (for me almost a sprint – lol).

7_Finish Line Approach

Up ahead the FINISH LINE and Mike and David!!!!  Arms in the air – I DID IT — I FINISHED – I was not last!!!!

8_Finish Line   9_Finish Line (2)   11_Finish Line - Whew I am tired

Full race details can be found here (there is a link in this page to all participants finish times etc)

Click here for My Race Results

Not the best time in the world clearly – but I was happy (and yes my NOSE ran faster than me)


I have to say before I found a way to loose weight – this would not only have not happened but wouldn’t have even been a thought!!!  Who would have thought 2 years ago I would have found a way to loose 188 lbs without surgery and be excited about participating in a 10K — wow…
Ideal Shape was the tool I used and what a tool it is = for me living life is exciting and fun!  I am so very thankful I found Ideal Shape!!!!

Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page in this blog for a coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.



188 Lbs Lost “Changed Myself so that I Could Participate in life…” — My Weight Loss Video

In September I went to Park City Utah for the Ship Shape Challenge weekend.  This is where the monthly winners took a bunch of photos and made a video.  Gotta keep this entry short …. so hope you all enjoy.  The Ideal Shape Team was awesome through the entire process.  I never was big into getting my photo taken and videos of myself was a never….so this was actually really hard.  Again my hope is that my Journey inspires others.  If I can do it…anyone can!!!!

  188 Lbs Lost “Changed Myself so that I Could Participate in life…”


Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page for coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.


Maintain or continue on my Weight loss Journey

(I know I have not done the Forgiveness blog yet – I guess I am not ready to do that one yet…)

Today’s topic – Maintain or continue on my Weight loss Journey ….


Okay so I am in a sort of Rut to say.  Let me explain.  When I started my weight loss Journey in May 27th, 2013; my 1st goal was to loose 100 pounds by end of the year – this goal was accomplished on Dec 7th, 2013.  Next Goal was 50 more pounds by  June 2014 – accomplished April 24th 2014. (this put me at 205 total) then I planned on going 25 pounds at a time until….well I told myself at the time a size 10 (or 175 lbs). 

Considering in May 2013 I was in a size 38 and in December 2013 I purchased size 22 – a size 10 seemed a reasonable ultimate goal for me….

Well I have been in a size 10 jean for about 3 months now – Yippee. And the scale shows 167 lbs.  So what is the dilemma you ask?

I look in the mirror and think I should loose more — but I have been stuck in a maintenance mode for about 2 months now.  So what is the deal…

I keep trying to figure that out.  Many people have said that I have lost enough.  Maybe that is true, but here is my question….If you never knew I had lost 188 pounds and I came to you today, would you say that I Do or Do Not need to lose any weight? 


Not a great picture - But last Picture taken - 10.26.14

Not a great picture – But last Picture taken – 10.26.14

 See I think most would say YES I could stand to loose weight, but everyone around me says I have lost enough.  Why is that? Is it because I have lost so much that I should be content?  Are they just trying to be nice? Is it true, have I lost enough? I still have very big thighs and a big stomach and my arms have wings — how much is this skin that I can only try to deal with by toning versus Fat that can be lost – I am not sure.  So my confusion begins…and continues. 

For the past 2 months I have been on a maintenance eating/exercise plan and only looking at the scale twice a month instead of once a week (and I have not been losing but more importantly not gaining).  I stopped tracking every meal and counting every calorie.  I wanted to see if I could maintain my weight while being normal and not so obsessed.  Mission accomplished. I also knew I wanted to hit the gym more and work with weights to try to help with some of my skin issue (wings are large and another blog topic for sure – so I can stay on point with this post).  Also many have said I was doing too much cardio (but I attribute cardio to my weight loss) so more weights less cardio = maintenance for me and no clothes size change. hmmm. – But I am noticing muscles definitions in my arms and legs – 🙂

I mentioned my size 10 goal at the start of this blog.  The reason I mentioned that goal is that I think it has also kinda gone to my head.  I am there.  I thought 175 pounds for me would be good and I am now sitting at 167.  I started this journey wanting to be able to participate in life. AND I AM – para-sailing, zip lining, alpine coaster, alpine sled, weekly hiking trips, etc…. I have more stuff on my list that were only dreams before due to my size (go on a cruise, ride a roller coaster, ski (water and snow), go tubing, etc) and to be honest at my size now none of these are restricted due to my weight.  So thus my stall….I want to lose more (and think I need to and should), but my motivations are kinda gone, if that makes sense, coupled with so many saying “I have lost enough” (what does that really mean).  If ANYONE actually reads this blog – I would REALLY appreciate some comments to give me feedback – HONEST feedback – PLEASE.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully some of you will post feedback for me — I NEED IT!


Video – My Favorite Breakfast Shake :)

Hello – welcome back — Here is a video on

how I make my Breakfast Shake.  There are lots of

recipes – this is just my favorite.



Be sure to check out the Ideal Shape Page for coupon code if interested in ordering.  Also please visit and like my FB Page.  Have a glorious day.

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