Pictures of some foods I eat

Mostly pictures of diners I make at home.

Usually I have chicken or fish – lots of veggies and sometimes small starch serving (depends on how much starch I have or plan to eat later (ie late night skinny pop/trail mixture)

snacks –

this is a picture of what I take to work just about everyday

mixed trail mix (1/8-1/4 cup 140 cal (per 1/4) trail mix I get at fresh market. Add in some Kind Health granola. Pretzels and sometimes skinny pop – when I was losing I kept this snack at 250 cal per Baggie but now maintaining and exercising more so I increased to around 400 cal)


And then for afternoon or lunch ( sometimes I shake or bar for lunch – sometimes for snack – so the next snack or lunch is the offset 😄


Now instead of the stick cheese seen above I actually now go with a slice of velveta cheese (35 cal 😄)

snack/after diner

this next picture – when I was loosing was always my evening snack (now since I am eating more calories I tend to more trail mix blend 😁😱)


Oh oh and I have mentioned Skinny Pop (unfortunately my new addiction but hey I am still maintaining so no judging. Lol)


Other snacks not pictured I eat:

Teriyaki Jerky ; apple ; half a banana ; CHEWING GUM (ok not a snack but good for no calorie chewing needs – lol)


the one below is pan seared salmon (that fish was large – I usually give at least a 3rd to my son who gladly accepts in addition to his own much larger piece (oh to burn the calories he does at football) – I also have broccoli and onion and a few sweet potato chips pictured below


Fish again (looks like salmon again) with broccoli and carrots (looks like I am saving my carbs for later 😁😁)


Looks like seared trout and some shrimp below with my go to broccoli and onions and a side of mashed sweet potato


Chicken time (this is really what I eat probably 6x a week – usually fish is Sunday nights) below is a grilled chicken with broccoli,onion looks like some brussel sprouts in there too 😄, a small serving of rice (usually do uncle bens long grain and wild – but below is Minute rice (will add pic as it is a lower calorie rice😄) and I also cut up a few tommy toe tomatoes (for color 😄)


Similar to above (this is the minute rice and I added some soy sauce 😁)



Taco night

for my son I make him tacos (3 hard shell and 2 soft) or lately he wants 2 chicken/cheese quesadillas and – cheese quesadilla (for Lindsey M. –  yep I take a bite and count it too lol)

for me I put mine in a large salad

lettuce; tomatoes ; (hot: grilled chicken (seasoned with dry taco seasoning then cut and and in taco seasoning with water for juicy yumminess) ; onions/mushroom/ peppers(I like red-yellow-orange) these are sautéed (Pam) then I add the taco seasoning I mix with water). Put chicken and veggies on salad then add a little shredded velveta cheese (lower cal 😄) – salsa (for a dressing) and either have 1-2 Corn hard shells (less calorie again) or some salad tortilla strips – then after it is Pretty I make it ugly and stir all together – lol.



So that about does it – I have some variation of what is above for diner just about every night

Eating Out?

yep I sure do but never fast food for me – I always have a to go snack packed just in case or my boost for those emergency times lol – did I mention I LOVE Ideal Boost!

as far as eating diner out

this is getting easier and easier as a lot of restaurants have calories listed – then I stay in my 500-700 zone. If not I go with a petite sirloin (tell then no butter on it or cooked in / around it lol) and side is salad and broccoli (of course for me no dressing – I use sometimes just salt and pepper or a splash of balsamic vinegar if no oil in it or if Olive Garden I ask for no dressing and extra pepercornes and use them as the liquid dressing (the juice inside) or May ask for salsa

well i hope this was helpful. Have a blessed day

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Resounding THANK YOU!!!!

You - the faithful Voters - Got me another adventure - A 7 Day Caribbean Cruise - THANK YOU

You – the faithful Voters – Got me another adventure – A 7 Day Caribbean Cruise – THANK YOU

HOW can I possible thank you all.  I am surprised – shocked – excited – overwhelmed.  You did it.  Your daily commitment to voting and sharing the voting link allowed me to be picked the Grand Prize Winner of a 7 day Caribbean Cruise. 

A Cruise is most definitely one of those things that I used to think – “that would be neat” but knew I could not go on a cruise due to my size.  I quickly would dismiss the notion of a cruise as I could not imagine the small rooms etc.  Since I am the type of person who is aware of others, I used to kind of make sure I did not put myself in places that had a lot of people – as I knew I really took up the space of two people when I was 355 pounds.

All that changed and now I am going on a Cruise – so surreal.  I am beyond excited.

To the other Finalists – Kim and Kelli – you are both beautiful and have an amazing story to share with the world.

SSC Winners

To the other Ship Shape Challenge Winners – that’s right – WINNERS – I only have happy thoughts when I think of you all.  Amazing group of people and I am so lucky to have been put on this path so that we would all be able to meet and spend time together in Utah – courtesy of Ideal Shape!  We have formed a bond and friendship through our Journeys that intersected in Utah!!!


Here is a link to their amazing stories – Transformations for each one!  Please if you have time go check out their amazing stories and video’s @

I can never say enough about Ideal Shape – The “tool” that literally GAVE ME LIFE.  I am doing all the things I could only dream of ….. so awesome.

Now I can add taking a Cruise to my many adventures (zip linning, parasailing, banana boat, roller coaster, hiking)! I am LIVING LIFE and LOVING IT!!!

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The Daily Times published an article today about my Journey

     In today’s paper an article was written about my weight loss journey and I thought I would share. The Maryville Daily Times, Melanie Tucker, did an amazing job with my story.  I am thankful and hopeful that this article may inspire someone else and give hope that weight loss is achievable.

Again I want to thank Ideal Shape for being the tool for me to be able to accomplish, what was once only a dream.  I am now living life and loving it!  The great people in the Ideal Shape organization are amazing.  Yes it is a job, but they take a personal interest in helping others achieve their Ideal Shape – they truly are first class and changing lives.

For a link to the full article :

photo 2

photo 3

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Stats from before to now …

Cool couple of Stats (I am an accountant after all and you would think I would like all Numbers – but prior to Ideal Shape I NEVER wanted to see my health numbers – scale, Blood Pressure, BMI – but now – wow ) – hoping the HTML Table I created works below – if not will post in a reply a different way.

Dec 2012 Dec 2013 Dec 2014
Scale 355 255 165
Waist Circumference 55 41 35
Body Mass Index 57 40.6 25.7
Blood Pressure 175/95 132/74 108/60

WOW — so not only do I feel better – clearly healthier too and all my Cholesterol readings (most were in the red in Dec 2013 are now in range and in the GREEN)

So Ideal Shape not only helps a person lose weight – but it is proven a HEALTHY weight loss by looking at my numbers – Can I get an AMEN!!!

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Maintain or continue on my Weight loss Journey

(I know I have not done the Forgiveness blog yet – I guess I am not ready to do that one yet…)

Today’s topic – Maintain or continue on my Weight loss Journey ….


Okay so I am in a sort of Rut to say.  Let me explain.  When I started my weight loss Journey in May 27th, 2013; my 1st goal was to loose 100 pounds by end of the year – this goal was accomplished on Dec 7th, 2013.  Next Goal was 50 more pounds by  June 2014 – accomplished April 24th 2014. (this put me at 205 total) then I planned on going 25 pounds at a time until….well I told myself at the time a size 10 (or 175 lbs). 

Considering in May 2013 I was in a size 38 and in December 2013 I purchased size 22 – a size 10 seemed a reasonable ultimate goal for me….

Well I have been in a size 10 jean for about 3 months now – Yippee. And the scale shows 167 lbs.  So what is the dilemma you ask?

I look in the mirror and think I should loose more — but I have been stuck in a maintenance mode for about 2 months now.  So what is the deal…

I keep trying to figure that out.  Many people have said that I have lost enough.  Maybe that is true, but here is my question….If you never knew I had lost 188 pounds and I came to you today, would you say that I Do or Do Not need to lose any weight? 


Not a great picture - But last Picture taken - 10.26.14

Not a great picture – But last Picture taken – 10.26.14

 See I think most would say YES I could stand to loose weight, but everyone around me says I have lost enough.  Why is that? Is it because I have lost so much that I should be content?  Are they just trying to be nice? Is it true, have I lost enough? I still have very big thighs and a big stomach and my arms have wings — how much is this skin that I can only try to deal with by toning versus Fat that can be lost – I am not sure.  So my confusion begins…and continues. 

For the past 2 months I have been on a maintenance eating/exercise plan and only looking at the scale twice a month instead of once a week (and I have not been losing but more importantly not gaining).  I stopped tracking every meal and counting every calorie.  I wanted to see if I could maintain my weight while being normal and not so obsessed.  Mission accomplished. I also knew I wanted to hit the gym more and work with weights to try to help with some of my skin issue (wings are large and another blog topic for sure – so I can stay on point with this post).  Also many have said I was doing too much cardio (but I attribute cardio to my weight loss) so more weights less cardio = maintenance for me and no clothes size change. hmmm. – But I am noticing muscles definitions in my arms and legs – 🙂

I mentioned my size 10 goal at the start of this blog.  The reason I mentioned that goal is that I think it has also kinda gone to my head.  I am there.  I thought 175 pounds for me would be good and I am now sitting at 167.  I started this journey wanting to be able to participate in life. AND I AM – para-sailing, zip lining, alpine coaster, alpine sled, weekly hiking trips, etc…. I have more stuff on my list that were only dreams before due to my size (go on a cruise, ride a roller coaster, ski (water and snow), go tubing, etc) and to be honest at my size now none of these are restricted due to my weight.  So thus my stall….I want to lose more (and think I need to and should), but my motivations are kinda gone, if that makes sense, coupled with so many saying “I have lost enough” (what does that really mean).  If ANYONE actually reads this blog – I would REALLY appreciate some comments to give me feedback – HONEST feedback – PLEASE.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully some of you will post feedback for me — I NEED IT!


Video – My Favorite Breakfast Shake :)

Hello – welcome back — Here is a video on

how I make my Breakfast Shake.  There are lots of

recipes – this is just my favorite.



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Video – How I make My Favorite Lunch Shake

Hello – and welcome….I am posting a short video on how I make my favorite Lunch Shake – super easy and quick!



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